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Our Purpose

To connect families with one another, build lasting friendships among parents and children, share tips and advice, and explore our community together.

CFTF is a group for families with children ages 5 and under (siblings are always welcome).

The group hosts many events throughout the year.
Each event offers a connection time for families and will have a fun theme with activities.  Events are held at different locations throughout the community, mostly being free or low-cost.

Why We Started

Parenting is hard!  It can be exhausting mentally and physically.
As parents we are responsible for planning every step for our families.  After working, taking care of our homes, errands, meal preparation, etc., we then have to plan family fun on top of all that.  CFTF Playgroup gives you the option to simply show up to have fun! 

How We Started

CFTF started as a playgroup for families with children ages six and under in November 2016 when Good Shepherd Church member, Julie Weigand, and pastor, Dr. Tim Morrison, identified the need in the community for families to connect through family events and programs.  With the support from Good Shepherd Church, CFTF Playgroup was created and started offering free and low-cost events and programs to all families with young children in the community.  Since then, the group has expanded and a Board of Parents was formed in November 2017 and as of March 2018 we are now a group for families with children age 12 and under.  Events are made possible through charitable donations and volunteers. As of June 2019, Christian Education Director, Alyssa Kay Hodge, took over facilitating the group.

Join the Fun

Join the online community of parents at to stay up to date on upcoming events and to connect with other families.  Upcoming events can also be viewed at All families with children ages 12 & under are welcome. You do not need to be affiliated with Good Shepherd Church in order to be involved, though GSC invites you to any of its events or programs.



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